MSU is one of the most important higher education institutions in the country.

It has around 17 000 students, who study at over 100 specialties and specializations at 14 faculties. .

The mission of the MSU is:

  • training of highly qualified professionals for the national economy, able to work effectively in changing conditions of life and market economy;
  • organization and development of basic and applied scientific research aimed at solving current socio-economic problems and implementing of the technology transfer of the university research results.
  • The Moldova State University is known worldwide in the area of higher education and is integrated into a strengthened international cooperation network, having concluded about 110 bilateral cooperation agreements with institutions of higher education from 28 countries.
  • Academic training in various fields, development of necessary skills for socio-professional integration..
  • Promotion of human and national axiological values/principles; educating ethic and civil profile of studious youth.
  • Quality assurance in higher education and in provided educational services..
  • Participation in elaboration of educational strategies and policies and their implementation in higher education.
  • Integration into European higher education and research.

Admissions open Academic year 2017-2018 University Course Catalogue

the complete catalogue with courses in English from the best universities in the country.


Educational Offer

The educational process at the Moldova State University is structured in three cycles leading to one of the three degrees: Bachelor’s Degree (Licentiate)—Master’s Degree—Doctorate. The appliance of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and the release of Diploma Supplement initiated and developed by UNESCO enable the employment of young specialists both in the Republic of Moldova and abroad.

Bachelor’s degree is the first cycle of university studies. According to the Bologna Process, it corresponds to 180–240 transferable study credits (ECTS). At the Moldova State University bachelor’s degree courses are given in the Romanian and Russian languages, full-time studies—3 years, part-time studies—4 years.

Master’s degree is the second cycle of university studies. According to the Bologna Process, it corresponds to 90–120 transferable study credits (ECTS), the duration of studies is 1–2 years. Those who are interested are able to apply for research master or professional master. Second cycle studies at the Moldova State University are given only in the Romanian language.

Doctoral study programs represent superior cycle of the university studies, the purposefulness of this cycle is advancement through original scientific research. Full time students pursuing the doctoral degree may complete their program of study in 3 years, parttime students in 4 years.

At present, at the Moldova State University students have the possibility to study at more than 60 specialties within 13 faculties.

  • Biology and Soil Science
  • Chemistry and Chemical Technology
  • Law
  • Physics and Ingineering
  • History and Philosophy
  • Journalism and Communication Sciences
  • Foreign Languages and Literatures
  • Letters
  • Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Psychology and Educational Sciences
  • International Relations, Political Sciences and Public Administration
  • Sociology and Social Assistance
  • Economic Sciences