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Admissions open Academic year 2018-2019 University Course Catalogue

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  • National passport of the foreigner, valid for a period not less than one year and a notarized copy of it
  • Confirmation letter which confirms that the documents were received and the applicant was allowed to pass the entrance tests
  • The originals all documents the secondary Education or Baccalaureate Diploma, translated into Romanian, Russian or English language
  • Criminal record translated into Romanian, Russian or English language and legalized by notary or consular
  • Medical certificate confirming that the applicant does not suffer from any diseases that may endanger public health

Admission requirements for studies

A compulsory condition: the validity of the criminal record must not be expired at time of entry. Otherwise, you will need a new one

English translations of all academic documents submitted, if applicable. Translations should be attested by the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in the applicant’s home country more details 

General Secondary school Diploma or High School Diploma, which certifies complete secondary education, attested by the Ministry of Education of the country delivering this act. The act will comprise the holder’s rights; more details 

Criminal record from the country of origin (residence), legalized / apostilled according to the official procedure, accompanied by a notary or consular legalized translation into English. The translation into Romanian and its authentication more details 

The notarized copies of birth and marriage certificates or name changing confirmation (for those who have changed their name) more details 

Medical certificate (international standard) and a negative test for HIV/AIDS more details 

Solvency certificate from the bank, accompanied by an account statement, issued not later than 10 days before presentation more details